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Many Games and Counting... A pack of fun and popular games. More games are being added and you will be getting all additional games for FREE.Games include: Nibbles, Columns, Minesweeper, and many more.
Classic Falling Columns Game. Manipulate falling columns to form vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines of 3 or more of jewels of the same color. Features include OpenFeint integration, Marathon, Blitz, and Countdown modes.
Remake of classic and highly addicting Color Lines game. The gameplay and the rules are very simple yet the game will keep you playing for hours and hours. The goal is to clear the board by moving the balls of the same color to form horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines of 5 or more. The ball can be moved only if there is a path available.
A simple yet challenging and addicting color matching game. Tap on blocks of 3 or more bricks of the same color to remove them from the board. Play marathon, quick (blitz), or countdown modes.
Remake of old DOS Nibbles (or Snake) game. The main objective is to control the snake (or worm) and consume various objects along the way. To complete the level you need to eat 10 apples.
Classic Minesweeper for Free. The main objective of the game is to clear a minefield without hitting a mine. Never step on the mine on the first move. The game makes sure that first cell is never a mine. Streak scores as well as shortest time score. Accumulate your scores by winning consecutive games.
Shinro Minesweeper is a logic puzzle game with some similarities to Sudoku.The objective is to locate the mines on the minefield. The minefield shows several arrows pointing to at least one mine. Not every mine has an arrow pointing at it. Count of the mines among the rows and columns is also given. Using this information the player needs to deduce the location of the mines.
Collage Fantasy makes incredible collages from random images found on Internet. The images are processed using various computer vision algorithms and then mixed in the most fantastic and unusual way. The images can be totally random or can be based on search words. Create themes by grouping search terms and mixing with totally random words.

Use your collages as wallpapers, share on Facebook, e-mail to friends, etc. Change your wallpaper or have a new picture on Facebook every day. Make your wallpaper reflect your mood, weather or just be totally random.
A brand new Snake game and a new of Defense game - Snake Defense. Defend the butterfly against attacking bugs. Crash the bugs before they get to their target.
Beat the enemy cobra by collecting more apples or making it run out of lives. Cobra Duel is a variation of Snake game where you have to compete with the other snake.
New twist in classic Falling Blocks game. Play with challenging 5 brick figures instead of easy 4. Manipulate falling blocks to form lines without gaps.
Dice Rain is a fun and addictive math based puzzle game. The game play is simple: you need to pick falling dice so their sum will equal to the shown number. It sounds simle, but dice fill the cup up very quickly. The game is over once the cup is full, so you need to do the math quickly.
Hooptie Browser is a humorous web-site Jive filter. It translates English web sites into street slang. Take a look at Internet from different perspective. No more boring politically correct proper English web-sites. It's a lot more fun reading news or presidential speech in the language of street. Works best with news sites and blogs.
A novel game for Tetris-like games lovers. Instead of square bricks you are dealing with water pipes. Manipulate the falling pipes to connect any two wall hoses. The rules are simple, yet the game can get very challenging on more advanced levels. The pipes don't need to fill the same horizontal line, so the whole playing field is in use which makes the game more interesting.
Volcano is a variation of classic Color Lines game. New balls appear with ever increasing speed. Move them to make lines of 5 or more.
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